So, what is Spotter+ by  ShieldMyDeal™?

Why do I need Spotter+™ as a home buyer?

Home buying can be tricky business with many possible pitfalls. You must have expertise and the right offer strategy to help you get the best deal.

And if you cut out the buyer agent middleman to help get your offer accepted or save more money. You will be creating a “dual-agency” situation. You need Spotter+ to help protect your personal best interests and avoid getting taken advantage. of.

What is dual agency?

This is basically when one agent represents both the buyer and seller in a transaction. Meaning, the buyer will not have representation in their personal best interest at that point. The agent is simply acting as a go between for the two parties. Under this situation, you the buyer are further vulnerable of being taken advantage of and not even know it.

Are there other services like Spotter+™?

Yes and No. 

Yes, as it relates for example to an escrow company that helps protect both the buyer & seller by making sure all documents are signed, recorded and money is wired before the deal can close. Or like a title company that insures what you think you’re buying is correct & clear on the legal documents before being recorded. Or an appraiser who helps to protect both the bank and home buyer from over valuing a home. Or finally, like a home inspector who points out home deficiencies so the buyer is informed.

As it relates to our home buyer protection service Spotter+specify, no. But, there should be!

How much does your service cost me as a buyer?

Our standard fee is 1% of the home’s purchase price. 

 However, Spotter+ is free to our buyer clients that choose to make offers with ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer or our traditional in-network buyer agent service.

Should I hire a real estate agent to find me a home?

No, wait until you have spoken with us first. You want to take advantage of our superior direct offer service or even be eligible for Spotter+™ through our traditional in-network buyer agent service.


What’s the company story?

Founder, Brian O’Laughlin, has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions from a unique vantage point. One where he could see unsuspecting home sellers and buyers settling for less than they otherwise would if they had a more well-rounded understanding of their options when needing to make a decision on a document or situation. With his passion to help protect the consumer in possibly one of their largest buying or selling decisions of their lives, ShieldMyDeal™ was born!

What is “industry gamesmanship”?

This practice is not illegal or frankly unethical. However, when consumers (home sellers or buyers) rely almost completely on their real estate agent for advice, a highly experienced agent can frame a situation a certain way like “manufacturing urgency” to get their client to agree to something quickly that they may not otherwise. By consumers having Spotter+™ by ShieldMyDeal™, this is less likely to happen or go unnoticed.

Do you work with home seller clients?

Yes, we have an incredible home seller program. We just don’t directly market to home sellers at this time. If you are interested, send us a message or schedule a call so we can get you the details! 

Do you ever work with both a home buyer and seller on the same transaction?

No, that would be a conflict of interest and we will never do that.

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