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Are you looking for foreclosures near you? If there are any in your county, town, or city, you may want to check it out. They may list local foreclosures on local foreclosure sites or in other means. Foreclosures can be viewed at numerous online sources, including the largest financial institutions like banks.

If you’re planning to take on a foreclosed home, here’s our buyer’s guide in finding the nearest one in your area.


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What Is a Foreclosed Home?

Foreclosed homes are those that are seized by the lender and then put on the market for sale. When a house is listed as in foreclosure, that means that the bank owns it.

All mortgage contracts entail a lien against your property. If you stop making your mortgage payments, your bank can use a lien to seize your property. Foreclosures tend to be caused by financial hardship for the current owner, from not meeting their loan payments.

Should I Buy a Foreclosed Home?

The right buyer can find a great deal in a foreclosure home.

Foreclosed houses are often available for a substantial discount. You need to fix them up and then sell them for a significant profit, or you may live in them for quite some time.

However, new research indicates that finding foreclosure bargains is becoming harder. There just aren’t as many of them to be had.

Would it still be worth it to look for and buy a foreclosed home? If you can finance it, you can probably get the best deal if you find one in the first place.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Foreclosed Home?

You may be able to negotiate below market price if you can convince the seller to sell soon. Real estate professionals recognize that as the gold standard for good deals.

While searching for foreclosures, you will come across homes prepared for auction or face a notice of default (NOD). Real estate professionals consider short sales to be more advantageous because the seller usually wants to sell their home as quickly as possible, providing more leverage to your negotiating position.

Free Foreclosure Listings Sites
Equator.com. – The real estate finder Equator provides free listings of foreclosed homes, short sales, open listings, and properties placed up for auction through Hubzu.

HomePath – HomePath.com is owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association, better known as Fannie Mae, and provides free listings of thousands of Fannie Mae foreclosed homes for sale.

HomeSteps – The site was created by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation or Freddie Mac. It contains listings of foreclosed homes that Freddie Mac may be selling to investors or potential buyers.

Zillow Foreclosure Center – The popular home selling and buying website has its foreclosure listings search page. There are many ways to search, such as categorizing by cost or location.

Realtor.com Foreclosures – You can use Realtor.com to find foreclosures, too, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or someone who’s selling their home. The zip code and the city can be used to limit your search.

Wells Fargo REO Properties – Wells Fargo does not directly sell the properties listed on this site. It is your responsibility to contact the listing agent or another person who is associated with the property.

CitiMortgage – These properties or foreclosed homes belong to Citigroup. Prospective buyers should contact the real estate agent associated with each property they are considering.

What Is the Best Way to Obtain a List of Foreclosed Properties in My Area?

You can find foreclosure listings in eight ways:

Real Estate Agents Specializing in Foreclosures
Look for the best real estate agent to help you buy foreclosed homes. Find out which local agents have experience with foreclosures. Your agent will have access to foreclosure listings on the MLS database, which is a database consumers do not directly have access to. You can discuss foreclosure listings with your agent while they research properties on the database.

Foreclosure Notices on Newspapers
One part of the foreclosure process is to publish the Notice of Sale in the local newspapers of record. You can find out about real auction houses in your area if you look through legal notices in your local paper. You can find listings and upcoming auctions from several credible companies by visiting their websites.

Bank Websites
Most banks, especially the larger ones, list foreclosure property listings on their websites. These listing sites typically allow you to search based on location and include that listing’s price, pictures, descriptions, and agent contact information. Some companies manage foreclosure listings for lenders, so it is also worth checking their websites.

Government Agencies
Depending on the government agency, it is necessary to submit an offer through an agent or direct from the consumer. Look for online listings of foreclosure properties and plans from agencies including the Federal Housing Administration, Small Business Administration, Fannie Mae, and the Treasury Department.

Scan the Public Records
Throughout the foreclosure process, your County Recorder’s Office will also require to record various notices. Anybody can access this public information. You can find this information by visiting the county office, searching the Notices of Default/Lis pendens documents. The public records database is free, and you may find properties that have just been added that are not yet on many of the online foreclosure services’ databases.

Tour Neighborhoods
You’ll probably find some foreclosed properties or bank repos in the neighborhoods you’re interested in buying. You might get a jump on other buyers if you ask about new foreclosure listings being placed on the market before the signs are posted.

Auctioned Houses
Auction companies frequently conduct large foreclosure sales. As many as hundreds of properties may be sold in one day. It can be hard to find a great deal at auctions; sometimes, the excitement of bidding raises prices excessively, and there are risks in buying a property “as is.” But if you do your homework, it is possible to find some great bargains.

Fee-Based Foreclosure Sites
You can also find additional listings on sites that usually charge a monthly subscription fee.

We recommend you consult a professional before buying a foreclosed home unless you have previously done so. Getting through the process is no easy task.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Foreclosed Property?

These are some perks of buying a foreclosure:

Prices Are Lower
One of the undeniable benefits of foreclosures is that they generally cost considerably less than the other homes in the area. They do this because lenders only get paid if the home is sold, so they have to set a predetermined price.

Title Issues Are Less of a Concern
If you are purchasing a home from a homeowner, you are at a disadvantage since the title is incomplete, and therefore you can claim ownership. The homeowner may have unpaid back taxes or liens enforcing the sale. Buying a foreclosed house shouldn’t involve any title concerns because the bank will take care of this for you.

Standard Loan Configuration
The bidding and purchasing process is slightly different with a foreclosure, but there are still options for financing provided it’s not a cash-only auction. To apply for conventional loans or VA loans, USDA loans, or FHA loans, you must make sure that the home you choose is in a livable condition. Mortgage loans backed by the government can make owning a home more affordable.

Foreclosure: How Long Will It Take to Buy a House?
Home foreclosure can last between four months and several years in different states. After the lender forecloses a property, it repossesses it and then resells it, whether at an auction or through direct sales.

Are Foreclosures Cheaper Than Regular Real Estate?

You can sometimes find a great deal on a foreclosed home since they are usually much more affordable than other homes in the area. However, these homes are generally also severely damaged and suffer structurally. It is common for them to be sold as-is. If you’re interested in purchasing a foreclosed property, be sure to talk to an experienced realtor.

Does the Bank Negotiate a Foreclosed Property?

Since they cannot recoup their losses when the property sits vacant, banks are willing to negotiate foreclosures. Real estate agents typically assist banks when dealing with buyers. As property owners, property prices can be set at any value that meets their standards.

How Can Foreclosures Be So Cheap?

Foreclosures are usually sold as rapidly as possible since it’s costly for the banks to let the property sit on the market. Because of this, they sell the properties below market value on the real estate market. Also, because foreclosed homes are typically in distress, they sell at a lower price.

Foreclosures are properties that the bank or another financial institution has taken over. If a person cannot pay their mortgage, they are forced to foreclose on their home. You can sometimes find a great deal on a foreclosed home since they are usually much more affordable than other homes in the area. However, these homes have also suffered significant structural damage and are usually being sold for less than what they are worth.

If you’re interested in purchasing a foreclosed property, be sure to talk to an experienced realtor.