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"Through the entire process ShieldMyDeal was a valuable advocate to me. They are extremely knowledgeable and give appropriate guidance when needed. I would never buy or sell again without them in my corner!!!"

Potential Problems-Issues for Home Sellers with Top Agents

One-Sided Listing Agreement Favoring the Listing Agent

Exaggerated or Misleading Marketing Plan

Ill-Advised Listing Price (too high or too low)

Commission Too High for Area or Structured Incorrectly

Dual-Agency Conflict of Interest When Your Listing Agent No Longer Represents You the Seller

Use of “Creative Wording” to Help Get a Certain Answer

Inquiries or Potential Offers Not Presented Properly

Sellers Make Decisions that Unintentionally Hurt Themselves

Ill-Advised Pricing Change or Other Concession

Questions to Determine Acceptable “Floor Deal”

Benefits of Open Houses

Already Have a Buyer for Your Home

Junk or Inflated Fees

What Spotter+ Protection™ by ShieldMyDeal does for Sellers

Have an Initial Consult Call to Prepare Seller

Refer Independent Top Local Listing Agents

Require Listing Agents to Sign a Transparency Agreement (this is huge!)

Review Proposed Listing Contract Terms

Listing Price Review

Marketing Audit

Require Supplemental MLS “Whistle Blower” Language

MLS Post Review

Review Proposed Offers & Counter Offers

Review and Comment on Any Other Document or Situation

So what is Spotter+ Protection™?

And WHY do I need it?

What Type of Seller Should Get  Spotter+ Protection™?

Experienced Home Sellers

First Time Home Sellers

Out-of-State Sellers

Luxury Sellers



What Type of Property Can I Sell?

Single Family Home

Town Home or Condo

Luxury Estate

Vacation Property


Residential Property (1-4 Units)

*What if I already have a listing agent I want to hire to sell my home?

That’s fine, just make sure you get Spotter+ Protection™ BEFORE you sign any paperwork with them! Details

How do I get started?

Simply send us a message by clicking on one of the Contact Us buttons throughout our website. Or, click here to Schedule a Call.

How much does Spotter+™ Protection cost me?

Nothing. It’s Free. Details

 "It was so easy to get my offer accepted! ShieldMyDeal helped me so much. I would highly recommend them if you're looking to buy a home in the future."
"There guidance saved us a bunch of money that we otherwise wouldn't have saved. They gave us a feeling of security. I recommend them to anyone thinking of buying a home.”

More on Spotter+ by ShieldMyDeal


Negotiating the best deal can be a delicate and tricky situation. From the offers and counter offers you receive and make, to the possible concessions you’re contemplating, each has it’s own complexities.

As the seller, you always need to balance what you can get and what you’ll accept while weighing your leverage position versus the buyer.

ShieldMyDeal can help the seller in negotiations, always with the seller’s best interest in mind.


If there is one thing our client’s learn quickly, it’s that ShieldMyDeal™ helps them make better, more confident decisions.

Armed with expert insight and further clarity on situations where difficult decisions must be made, our sellers consistently make better decisions that lessen their risk and ultimately make or save them more money when their home is sold.


Throughout the selling process, situations arise where a seller needs to make decisions that put them at either higher or lower risk.

ShieldMyDeal™ can help give the seller a solid assessment of the true risk/reward that’s in their best interest, not someone else’s.


A transaction can have hundreds of points where a seller can make, save, or lose money.

ShieldMyDeal™ knows what to look for and helps identify those areas so they are in alignment with the seller’s best interest.

For every property we close for our seller clients, we will make a donation to See International to help blind people regain their sight.

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Santa Monica, CA. DRE#01935120

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