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You must sign-up for ShieldMyDeal before you hire an agent or it's too late.
 "It was so easy to get my offer accepted! I found the house online and contacted the listing agent. Then just texted her my ShieldMyDeal direct offer link. ShieldMyDeal helped me so much." - Samantha
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FEATURED SERVICE ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer can be a HUGE advantage for our buyer clients who want the competitive edge over other potential home buyers. While also lowering the risk that dual agency presents. So cutout the middleman and go direct with ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer for home buyers. Click video below for details!
This service is not available in: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas and Vermont.
This ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer video is only directed at home buyers, not home sellers. The scenario is the listing agent (seller's agent) has a property for sale. The potential home buyer is a ShieldMyDeal™ client who is looking to buy a home.

Our ShieldMyDeal™ buyer client would contact the listing agent directly (not having a buyer's agent  representing them). Rather, if they want the house they have the listing agent write-up their offer that will be presented to the seller. Thus, financially motivating the listing agent to get our ShieldMyDeal™ home buyer client's offer accepted by the seller.

We increase the chances of our home buyer client getting the house they want AND help protect them against the potential predatory practice called "Dual-Agency" where consumer home buyers (and home sellers) can get taken advantage of and not even know it.

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ShieldMyDeal™ Traditional Buyer Service is above the rest. You get a great buyer's agent with our superior service to help better your deal. It's the smart decision for home buyers thinking of purchasing a home. So get the best of both worlds with ShieldMyDeal™ Traditional Buyer Service. Click video below for details!
 "I got a great agent and excellent guidance from ShieldMyDeal. They helped me so much." - Rachelle
FAQ for Buyers
How much do you charge?
A- Nothing to you.

What does it mean to make my deal better?
A – It means directly because of our consulting services; you made or saved more money, negotiated better terms, lowered your risk or made better decisions that were in your own personal best interest.

What is dual-agency?
A – Dual Agency is when the listing agent of the seller's home also represents the buyer. In this situation home buying consumers (and sellers) have no true representation or anyone looking out for their best interest. They are at an increased vulnerability of being taken advantage of and not even know it. ShieldMyDeal™ helps reduce this risk.

How do you make my deal better?
A – By reviewing documents and situations during your real estate buying journey and giving you our opinion so you make better, more well-informed decisions. Our main services are:
  • Refer You Top Local Agents to Choose from (OR use)
  • ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer
  • Agent Agreement Review
  • Offer & Counter Review
  • Concession Review
  • Escrow Review
  • Miscellaneous Review
ShieldMyDeal helps home buyers...
How it works for Buyers...
 You simply sign up for ShieldMyDeal™. We then gain a clear understanding of your buying goals for the purchase of your home. Your wants, needs, concerns and even potential fears. The important things so we can help improve and protect your personal best interests before, during and after the purchase of your home. 

 We then suggest the best highly experienced local agents for you to interview. Or use ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer.

 ShieldMyDeal helps monitor your contracts, agreements, offers and situations. Searching for ways to save you more money and lower your risk. Giving you the insight  and ability to make wise home buying decisions that are in your own best interest.

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