ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer service for home buyers

Get Your Offer Accepted

We structure your ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer on the house you want through the listing agent representing the seller. This is a much different approach then how a traditional real estate agent or broker would present your offer.

This gives the listing agent a huge financial motivation to get your offer accepted over others because they’ll make so much more commission when the property is sold. Or, you will save that money on your purchase.

Get a Better Deal

As a result of your offer structure, the listing agent will be representing you the buyer and their seller at the same time (known as “dual-agency”). For that reason, the agent is no longer able to give advice to you or the seller. Rather, they are confined to basically completing the necessary documentation to complete the transaction. That can leave you vulnerable. However, because you have ShieldMyDeal™ in your corner throughout the real estate transaction, you will still get the expert professional advise you need to help not get taken advantage of and get a better deal.

Save Money & Lower Risk

As a result of your ShieldMyDeal™ Direct Offer structure , you gain the strategic advantage in negotiations so you can make better decisions that are in your personal best interest and get a better deal with lower risk.

What is Spotter+ protection for home buyers?

Make the wise decision, and go with ShieldMyDeal™ to find and buy your next home.

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