So, what is Spotter+ by  ShieldMyDeal™

So, what is Spotter+ by  ShieldMyDeal™

So, what is Spotter+ by  ShieldMyDeal™

Metaphorically speaking, Spotter+helps a home buyer or seller client, much like a race car spotter helps their driver in an auto race. 

Spotter+ by ShieldMyDeal™ in a Real Estate Transaction

Spotter+™ is a service from ShieldMyDeal™ to help protect buyer and seller clients.  Through our technology, data and human expertise, we look for ways you can make or save more money, lower your risk, negotiate better terms and make wiser decisions that are in your personal best interest, not someone else’s. Ultimately helping you to a better deal.

We lookout for things like these:

Junk or Inflated Fees

Risky or Disadvantageous Situations or Contract Terms to Avoid

Industry Gamesmanship

Positive Leverage Situations

Superior Positions to Take Advantage of


Spotter+ by ShieldMyDeal™ does not diminish nor eliminate the need, role or importance of a highly qualified real estate agent.


Having Spotter+ in your real estate transaction as an extra set of experienced eyes can be the key in helping improve your chances of getting a better deal.


No one in your transaction does what we do. Not the broker, not title insurance, not escrow, not the appraiser nor the home inspector. Nobody!

And what does a spotter do for their race car driver exactly?

Check out this 1:34 video clip

To more easily understand the importance of  Spotter+ and how it fits into your real estate transaction. Lets compare 3 roles in auto racing to real estate:

Crew Chief = Real Estate Agent

The crew chief is the person who calls the shots. They are the ones that get the race car set up for the driver to have success. They are the ones with the unenviable task of making late-race pit strategy decisions. 

Race Car Driver = Buyer or Seller

The driver has the most to gain and lose in an auto race. Success, fame and money vs. failure, injury or even death. Maneuvering their race car around the many dangers at high speeds, while aggressively pursuing the best finish possible.

Race Spotter = Spotter+

A spotter in auto racing is a trained team member whose job is to relay information to their driver, keeping them alert of what is occurring on the track. They are typically positioned higher, atop one of the grandstands or other support buildings, to see the entire track. Wikipedia

See and listen how the Driver, Crew Chief & Spotter communicate during a race

Check out this 5:09 video clip



In no way are we comparing the risk and danger of being a racecar driver to a home buyer or seller. This metaphoric comparison is ONLY to help you understand the unique role and importance ShieldMyDeal™ can play in your real estate transaction. 

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